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Azaran Plast Rasa

Production, sale, design and implementation of wall covering, floor covering and false ceiling of Azaran Plast Rasa company, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of sales, installation and design of PVC wall covering and false ceiling, Azaran Plast Rasa has a lot of experience in the field of interior decoration and design. It is the interior of office, residential and commercial spaces. Other services of this collection include kitchen cabinets, MDF cabinets and wooden decorations.

Since today the art of designing interior architecture and interior decoration includes one of the most applications in the field of business and spatial relaxation, it is essential to use the best collections and the best designers to advance interior design and decoration. Therefore, this collection uses the best interior architects and executive teams related to wall paper, parquet and laminate installation, wall covering and false ceiling installation, and building facade design, home interior decoration design, office interior decoration design, interior design and decoration of houses. It has designed, implemented and installed small and commercial interior decoration and… in the best possible way.

You can see some of the design and execution portfolios and projects of this collection in the design and execution gallery section.

Among the other advantages of this collection is the sale of wall coverings and false ceilings of Azran Plast Rasa Company and the sale of parquet and laminate, the sale of wall paper (Iranian wall paper and foreign wall paper), false wall (partition), office furniture and solid polystyrene wall hangings, MDF wall hangings and …. It is sold online at a wholesale price.

Marble slabs are a new generation of wall coverings. This material is very similar to natural stone and has no difference in shape from special stones, but it is made of PVC and we will explain it to you in detail.

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In today’s post-industrial world, organizations are successful in the field of competition that put creativity and innovation as their motto and consider flexibility in the face of environmental changes as a part of their business.

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